Difference between Micro and Macro Influencers

Difference between micro and macro influencers

How to find the right influencer for your business?

In this article, I want to break up the pros and cons of why should you work with micro or macro influencers. What is the difference between them and at what time and for what business you should choose which one from them. An influencer is a modern term we hear every day. Everyone wants to be one but not all understand what does it really mean. Before we start let’s see what an influencer is actually?

An influencer is any person that has some sort of impact and can influencer on other people to make some action and do what was said. The more people influencer can impact with his message or story the more value he or she brings to the business who is being promoted. Each influencer will be strong at some specific field or industry and specialize in it. This way it is easier for influencers to get hired from those specific industries as companies are searching just for those specific people when doing promotion. At rare occasions, companies will hire popular influencers who are not strong in their industry but have a big following. Most of the times this is done for brand awareness promoting a new product, a new line of shoes, new game, service, etc.

Micro Influencers

How to spot fake influencer?

When we see people for the first time and a very high number of followers and likes, we instantly get a signal that they are worthy and trusted. But in reality, big numbers do not mean anything. Best free tool to check influencer you will be working with is socialblade.com. Simply enter the username of the account and remember that it is needed to have a public account in order for the social blade to do its magic. You will see how many followers they get, are there any anomalies that look worth paying attention.

Next things you want to look for are posts and their frequency. How often do they post and are the images look fake? A good influencer will post on a daily basis and always have a good reach. Monitor their likes per post, the real influencer should have rising likes per post and if you see a pattern that is somewhere same across all posts or going lower something is not right and this account could be boosted.

Can Instagram accounts be boosted with real followers?

The sad answer is yes and it is much easier than you would think. With a few good tools such as InstaDub, you can grow many accounts at the same time with real followers. This tool is frankly cheap and requires one-time payment, but if that is ethical to do I’m leaving it to you. My opinion is if we plan to use any tools like that to grow our accounts following real people. We need to first provide some value on our account to those people. Otherwise, it does not make any sense do so.

Next thing is Telegram. When you find a good influencer let’s say 50k up to 100k followers. Keep in mind that even these big accounts can be fake simply by using Telegram groups which are created to do likes, comments exchange with other influencers. This creates ‘some’ sort of trust on your account giving you boost in feed, hashtags and overall giving you bigger reach. Other people following you are also more open then to comment and like your post. If you spot a pattern of comments having emojis and comment length is anywhere from 3-4 words and you see them one after another, know that it is Telegram and you don’t want to work with those people.

How to find influencer

How to find your ‘gold’ influencer?

First thing when it comes to searching for the influencer who will promote your business is to figure out what is your goal. There can be so many different ways of promotions Influencer can do. Choosing any of these objectives will have different results on your brand and promotion campaign overall. These are some of the most common promotions influencers can do:

  1. Send traffic to your website
  2. Create giveaway on their account
  3. Sell your product or service
  4. Do a video about you
  5. Help with brand awareness
  6. Collect e-mails of targeted persona

What is MICRO influencer?

Micro influencers are people who don’t have a high number of followers but can do big things with their set of people who follow them. Trust that the community has here towards influencer is huge as they are still in early process and connection between those people & influencer is huge. If you run a local business then you should stick with micro influencers. There are many free tools out there that will help you find your golden nugget. Simply by following people from the local area Instagram by default will recommend you other more popular people to follow from the same area. If you run a restaurant for example then local micro influencer is what you will need. All their community is based in that specific region where your business is located.

Micro influencers are cheaper than big followers based influencers and can sell in most cases more services than big boys out there.  Prices for micro influencers go anywhere from 200$ up to 500$ per post with a set of the audience going from 5.000 up to 20.000 followers. They can be your brand ambassadors in a local area.

Why should you choose influencers on Instagram vs Facebook Ads?

People will always trust more influencer than an ad they see on Facebook. Having micro influencer who will promote you is somewhere similar like running engagement ads on your post for several weeks and then go into conversion & sale campaigns. Most of the time for this same amount of money you would pay Facebook you will get even higher results hiring Influencer but more clients in the end game.

We all know that 56% of people on this day have Internet access. There is still a gap of 44% of people who don’t have access to the Internet. During the next decade, this number will be increased and cover the entire world. Whan will happen when the entire world is online? Information will travel faster than ever, we will have a ton of new entrepreneurs from the third-party world, and guess what? They will also use Facebook ads, prices for ads will be probably higher than x2-x3 times than now. However, on the Influencer side, prices will remain on a similar level like now and we will have these people at any time to find.

You can run hundreds of ads for your local business on Facebook but most of the times 2-3 good micro influencers in the area will cover all that work and get you results you want to have. Influencers have a bright future for your business and a long term plan compared to Facebook ads.

How to find micro influencer

Types of Influencers?

As we know from now there are micro and macro influencers but this can be broken into more segments.

  1. Micro Influencer – Located in a specific town & everyone heard about the influencer.
  2. Country Influencer – Located in the specific country & well known there.
  3. Region Influencer – Most of the time singer well known in nearby countries.
  4. Continent Influencer – Sports people, football players, athletes, and others.
  5. World Influencer – Everyone heard about them such as Rock, and top movie people.
  6. Aliens – Well known out there in the space, such as Elon Musk.

Depending on your business and how you serve your customers you will work with some from these types of influencers. Local businesses tend to work with influencers from 1-2 on a list while businesses who focus on the world will do all except number 6.

Working with Macro Influencers?

Macro influencers can skyrocket your business in a day and completely change everything. The only thing here is that their price is high. On average based on research on every 100.000 followers, you can expect to pay up to 1.000$ so if an influencer has 1 million followers you can expect to pay more than 10.000$ just for one promotion. Before starting work with these types of influencers make sure to calculate your average sale and do the math behind the scene. If your product or service cost 1.000$ for example and you know that your post will be seen for close to one million times converting only 10 people from it would cover all your expenses. Working with macro influencers is good when your prices of service are a bit higher and it takes only a few good customers to cover up for your total expenses and make big money + free brand awareness in return. If your products or services are cheap then this way of the promotion will not be that good for your business. You should then stick with micro influencers if your profit margins are lower.


Make sure to figure out the type of your business and your goals first. Do the math and calculate your average sales and how many customers you need to cover expenses. If the numbers look good it’s time to find an influencer for your type of business. Research them first and get to know them. Don’t rush this is something worse that you can do. Use tools such as social blade to research them. Work closely together on aligning your goals and expectations. Influencers would be more than happy to establish a good connection with you and long term business, this should not be a one-time payment. Even with all ads, we serve to people daily and yourself get served as well we still trust more influencers because of the connection they made with us and us with them. We trust them more than ads and sales should be expected to be higher here. It only takes a few good influencers to make your business well known and have a steady flow of sales.

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